About the course

These materials have been developed by End Slavery Tennessee and/or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NetSmartz) to provide a framework for discussing safe online behavior, appropriate friendships, displays of affection, and signs and signals of abuse or exploitation.

Course curriculum

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    How To Use This Course

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    • What's Included & Course Structure
    • Navigating This Course
  • 02

    Classroom Presentation Materials

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    • Classroom Presentation Materials (9-12 Grade)
  • 03

    End Slavery TN Resources

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    • What is Trafficking?
    • Labor Trafficking
    • Community Impact
    • Signs and Symptoms of Trafficking
    • Olivia's Story - Animated Case Study
  • 04

    NetSmartz Video Resources

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    • Why Self-Awareness Is Important
    • Your Online Profile Says More About You Than You May Think
    • Treating And Respecting Others As You Would Like To Be Treated
    • One Click Can Change Your Life
    • Think Before You Share Photos Or Video With Someone
    • Solving Problems Together
    • Not A Victim, But A Survivor, Tell Someone
    • Anything Private You Share Online Could Be Used Against You
    • Think About The Possible Consequences Before Getting Involved